Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia

Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia | Taman Nasional Sequoia di California mempunyai sebuah pokok terbesar dan tertua di dunia.Iyanya Diberi nama General Sherman . Jika anda berkunjung ke california,anda mungkin berkesempatan melihat pokok tersebut.Pokok sequoia terbesar di dunia ini bertempat di Giant Forest, hutan di dalam kawasan Taman Negara Sequoia, Tulare, California. pokok ini berusia 2000 tahun

pokok  Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia

Selain yang tertua, pokok ini juga menjadi pokok terbesar di dunia. Bayangkan saja,tingginya mencapai 83,3 meter dan diameternya sekitar 11,1 meter. Jika ditotal, pokok ini mempunyai jumlah sekitar 1500 meterpersegi

Pada tahun 1879, pokok ini dinamakan seorang kapten perang di Amerika yang bernama William Tecumseh Sherman. General Sherman hampir sama besarnya dengan pokok yang diberi nama General Grand Tree yang ada di Taman Negara Kings Canyon, California. Setelah dibandingkan,General Sherman akhirnya dinobatkan menjadi pokok terbesar di dunia pada tahun 1931.

Untuk melihat pohon general sherman yang terkenal ini, anda boleh menggunakan sequoia shuttle bus. Bas ini akan membawa anda mengelilingi Taman Nasional Sequoia.Dengan harga USD 15 atau Rm45 anda boleh menaiki bas tersebut mengelilingi taman negara tersebut

pokokterbesar Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia
World’s Largest Tree

  General Sherman tree (General Sherman) is located in the National Park “Sequoia” in the U.S., in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada, California).

This is a giant tree, next to which a person seems a miniature, is not only the largest giant sequoia in the world, and is the largest living creature on the planet – it is written on the plate in front of a tree. The height of the giant General Sherman tree over 83 feet, its trunk circumference of more than 24 meters, the circumference of the crown, as much as 33 meters.

0 84562 6a6f4a3f XXXL Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia  In the nineteenth century, the area where the tree is growing well-known researcher, John Muir (John Muir), called the “Giant Forest”, when the giant obnaruzhml Sekvoya.  The title of this part of the park, “Giant Forest” continues to this day.  Many tourists General Sherman tree, striking in their size, describe it as a red-orange “stone”, the top of which it is impossible to see.

  Tourists come to the park to see the General Sherman tree, named in honor of Civil War hero General William Sherman (William Sherman), and photographed.  Near Sekvoya they seem so fragile and small. 

 Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia 
For a long time it was believed that General Sherman tree over three thousand years, but recent studies have determined its exact age – it’s exactly two thousand years. So, this is not the oldest tree in the world.
The oldest tree in the world, a special kind of Californian pine was 4484, when he was felled in 1965. Were also cut Sekvoya, which reached the age of about 3000 years. It is believed that the earth still exist 5000th trees.
In winter 2006 General Sherman tree has lost part of its crown has fallen off the biggest branch of a tree whose diameter was about two meters, and length – 30 meters

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When the branch fell on the ground were destroyed fencing around the tree and the road leading to it. Even after the General Sherman tree has not lost its status as the largest tree on the planet.
Go to General Sherman tree is a special track, and even people with disabilities can see this miracle. At the end of the brick path lined with tiles that show up any space reaches the roots of the tree.
Each year, the diameter of the barrel giginta grows nearly 1.5 cm General Sherman tree is still growing and, according to the website of the National Park, California, every year adds wood, which was enough to five or six-bedroom house.

And remember, we had here this vertikalochka here? 

 Gambar Pokok Terbesar Di Dunia

  Before you sequoias – the largest and oldest tree on earth.
Adult trees reach a height of 100 meters, trunk diameter of 10-12 m at the moment is the oldest giant sequoia has an age of 3200 years, set by the annual rings.

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